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Derrick Vincent Thomas came into this world on January 1st, 1967. He was born in Miami, Florida and was raised by his mother. His father was shot down flying a plane in a bombing run during the Vietnam War.Authentic NFL Jerseys.He was declared lost.Thomas’ football career began when he was very young. There isn’t a lot of history on before going to college. We do know that he began playing football when he was three and played at South Miami Senior High School.He was recruited by the Alabama Crimson Tide and was part of their strong defense during his time there. During the 1988 college football season, he recorded 27 sacks which is still an NCAA record. In fact, it’s a record that will probably never be broken. For his effort that year, he was given the Butkus Award for the nation’s top linebacker. Thomas was named an All-American during that stellar sack filled season to boot. He registered 52 total sacks during his time at Alabama which is an amazing feat.There was a place in the NFL for a big talent like Thomas, and he was sure to be a high draft pick.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.He was taken by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1989 draft in the first round, fourth overall. His Hall of Fame NFL career was set in motion.

China Jerseys.Billick turned a fledging and perennially losing franchise into a championship squad. The Ravens were 16-31-1 in their first three seasons, and never finished higher than fourth in their division. In two years, Billick had them celebrating their first Super Bowl triumph.A great motivator, Billick changed the culture and mindset of the franchise. In one of his first team meetings, he set the tone by asking the players whether they wanted to continue attending Pro Bowls or win a Super Bowl. An underachieving team with great players soon became a great team with a unified goal.His brashness rubbed off on his players; Billick brought much-needed attitude.Cheap Football Jerseys.After upsetting top-seeded Tennessee , Billick defended his team’s swagger by exclaiming: “When you go into the lion’s den, you don’t tippy-toe in. You carry a spear. You go in screaming like a banshee and say, ‘Where’s the son of a b—-?'”

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